Kyiv Edwards - Saxophonist

Creating a stylish web presence for a talented musician


Kyiv Edwards is a talented, Anguillian saxophonist that has been steadily carving a space for himself in the Anguillian music scene. In a move to expand his brand and position himself to start to attract gig and recording opportunities, his team approached us to develop a new website to serve as his EPK.

What we did

UI/UX Design
Web Development

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The Challenge

We were asked to create a simple, elegant web presence to communicate and enhance his brand. The solution was a custom one-page website designed primarily for mobile devices.

Our Approach

The team wanted to communicate as much information as possible within the confines of a single page, so flow and information hierarchy were important. Further, we needed to translate his brand of understated sophistication into the web property.

We explored a number of designs for the hero section of the site. It needed to strike a strong first impression, instantly communicating what Kyiv was all about.

We chose to make the site heavily focused on various forms of media. We included lots of great action shots of Kyiv in performance. There is also a variety of streamable video clips, an audio playlist of his live performances. We made sure all the bases were covered when it came to showcasing his talent.

Visually, the design used his black and gold theme to good effect. It both hints at his instrument of choice, as well as the sophistication that comes with his brand of music

The Result

The end result was quite stunning and has helped raise Kyiv's profile, helping him to book a number of new gigs, and opening up opportunities for his music career.

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