Anguilla Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Refreshing the identity of a decades-old business organization


The Anguilla Chamber of Commerce and Industry is one of the oldest business organizations on the island. Over the years, its website had become outdated, was not optimized for display on mobile devices and, more importantly, did not serve the strategic needs of the Chamber.

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The Challenge

The Anguilla Chamber of Commerce is a key part of Anguilla’s business landscape. For the nearly 200 members, it represents an advocate on their behalf to the government, as well as a facilitator of training and business development.

There was a growing feeling among the business community that the Chamber had lost a bit of its influence. The organization’s branding was not clear, the website was outdated, and wasn’t being utilized strategically.

Our Approach

The project kickoff involved a survey of the membership to test some of our assumptions. We asked the membership about their thoughts on the effectiveness of the Chamber’s communication, as well as the services and offerings that were of greatest importance to them.

What we found was that the membership generally loved the communication and the training the Chamber offered, but were still not fully sure of what the organization’s mission was.

The Branding Process

After exploring a number of different directions for the new logo, we found inspiration for the new Chamber brand identity in the island’s rich history of sailing. Anguillians were very well known for their boat building, and sailing prowess. This legacy continues today with the island’s national sport - boat racing.

The new Chamber logomark is a stylized sailboat on rough seas of varied shades of blue and turquoise, set against a backdrop of a setting sun. It is meant to be a metaphor for the Chamber’s role in helping local businesses navigate the challenges of doing business in Anguilla.

The Web Design Process

The goals of the website redesign was twofold: create a platform that would allow for future growth of the Chamber, as well as serve as a distribution channel for its communications and content.

We created a custom, responsive site, with focus on information architecture and navigation. Along with new release and blog sections, an event calendar was included to communicate the Chamber’s training and networking events. Other key features include a searchable membership directory, online membership sign-up form, and a special COVID-19 resource page.

Most of the Chamber's communication centered around their event calendar, and training workshops they offer to members. The inclusion of a searchable, filterable event calendar allows users to find out details about upcoming events.

Additionally, the member directory provides a great resource to find Chamber members. For many members without a web presence, the directory is a great tool for their SEO.

Shortly after our launch, the country went into lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. We quickly developed a standalone COVID-19 information portal as a way to share information to the membership, with links to the Government of Anguilla’s official online pandemic platform.

The Result

We have continued to work with the Chamber to manage and maintain its website. We have also continued our brand work, producing print and digital graphics on an as-needed basis to support their various events and programs.

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