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We are a visual communication agency focusing on crafting brands, developing communication strategy and creating websites to help you do betterwork, connect with your audience, and get better results.
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1. of superior quality, more desirable, satisfactory, or effective.

2. the better one; that which is better.

3. improve on or surpass (an existing or previous level)

Alliance Insurance Services
Helping a leading insurance brokerage navigate the pandemic
Counsel. Corporate Services
Preparing a 30-year old financial services brand for the decades ahead
True Anguilla Magazine
Giving a print destination guide an online home
Anguilla Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Refreshing the identity of a decades-old business organization
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Cabarita met the brief perfectly and not only solved the problem but were able to add value to the original concept: turning a quality printed publication into the beautiful website that I could update with new stories and issues without great effort or additional expense.
Trudy Nixon

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UI Design

We are a collaborative visual design agency.
We’re “new”, but we’ve sorta been around for a long time, too.

Who we are

Cabarita. is a multi-disciplinary creative agency founded in 2019 by Creative Director, Orrett Wynter.

We provide solutions to your business problems to make you better at the things you already do. We take your complex ideas and make them easy for your audience to understand. That’s all.

Ca-ba-ri-ta? What the hell is that, anyway?

The etymology is uncertain. It’s likely Spanish and a rough translation of caba and rita gives us “little cabin”. We're not sure what to make of that.

What's for sure, is that the name is part of our founder's origin story, and every superhero needs one of those! 

The Cabarita River is one of the longest rivers in western Jamaica and runs just 5 minutes away from his childhood home and where he spent many an evening (and some mornings) washing, swimming, bathing, fishing.

A boy from a small farming village with big city vision. Great story, right?

We believe in better.

Better lives at the heart of everything that we do. We prefer better because 'best' is fleeting. Today’s 'best', is tomorrow’s has-been.

Better never stops learning, evolving, and improving.

Better comes out on top. Every. Single. Time.

How we work

We are not order-takers. 

If you know exactly what you need, exactly what it should look like, and exactly what it should cost, then we are probably not the people to help you make it a reality.

We often hear “We need a new website. Can you build one for us?” 

The short answer is “Yes, of course!”

The better answer is a question: “Why do you need a new website?”

We ask ‘why?’... a lot

Better solutions begin with properly understanding the underlying problems. We pride ourselves on getting to the root of problems, and this process starts with “why?”

“Why” removes preconceived ideas and biases. It means research and discovery. It leads to conversations about things you never considered.

It leads to honesty.

What we do

We sell solutions, not services.

We can do whatever's needed in order to solve the problems our clients have. Sometimes that might be a simple brochure, or a website redesign. It could be a marketing campaign, or even a major rebrand covering all of the above and more.

Art direction

Brand audits
Brand positioning
Taglines & slogans
Logo design
Identity systems



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UI Design

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Ready to make something better?

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